Close-ups of some of our "winterized"
planters. To the left are red violas with Rainbow Euphorbia behind it. To the left of the violas is Caramel Heuchera (commonly called Coral Bells) and to the right is Lonicera, a chartreuse colored evergreen. The tall spike plant in the center is Ruby Cordyline and behind it is Blackbird Euphorbia, more violas and trailing Rosemary. All the plants, except the violas, are perennials.

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Purple ornamental cabbage and pansies.

Pansies are your best choice for all-winter color here in the Sandhills. For more info, click on the image above.


The planter on the left is using a Swiss Chard as its "Thriller" surrounded by a mixture of pansies. The leafy Swiss Chard comes in a variety of colors with red, yellow or green stems which makes accessorizing them with pansies very easy.

To the right is an Emerald Arbor Vitae surrounded by Red Blotch Pansies, a simple but classic look.

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Small planter with red Pansies and Blood Sorrel.
The main attraction in this planter is the 6 year old, 5 foot high Sky Pencil (Japanese Holly). For Spring and Summer we surround it with upright and trailing vinca. For  Fall and Winter we switch to pansies.


On the left above is a planter with Winter Ferns, Sweet Flag,
Violas and Euphorbia. Above right is a Golden Mist Wood
Fern whose fronds turn a golden yellow in the winter cold.
Click on the image of the fern to  see some other winter
ferns that would be perfect for cold weather containers.


Whatever the season, we'd love to plant your container or planter. You just pay for the plants and the soil. The labor's on us.You can bring your containers in or, if they're too heavy, come in, pick your plants and we'll come to you.