Vinca is known as annual vinca or periwinkle. It is a small bush-like plant 10 to 18 inches tall with multiple stems. One of its great characteristics is that it blooms on all sides of the plant from the ground up on contrasting green foliage. It is perennial only in regions where there is no frost. Since it originated on the tropical island of Madagascar, it is sometimes called Madagascar Periwinkle.

Vinca stands up to heat, humidity, and rain beautifully, and blooms heavily all summer. It does not need either deadheading or pinching to maintain its bloom and form and is highly resistant to Deer and Disease. For these reasons Vinca is at the top of plant choice lists for our local gardeners.
NOTE: Vinca should not be planted outside until the ground is very warm. If planted too early, vinca often develops fungus problems. 

This coming spring's Vinca has been two decades in the making, the disease-fighting technology developed for it is so revolutionary that it's actually being patented! Until now, Vinca has been prey to "sudden death" in humid, rainy, or very hot climates. Now the cure has been discovered, and our vinca is ready to thrive even in the most damp and moist conditions. Add that to its proven ability to withstand high heat and drought and you have the perfect plant for our area.

There are several varieties of Vinca (each with its own strengths and characteristics) which we outline below. In late February we'll include photos of our 2016 offerings.


Cora™ is a very well-branched, heavy-blooming plant about 14 to 16 inches high and 25 inches wide. The blooms are bright and starred with a darker or contrasting center, and they appear right down to the ground. Flowering heavily all summer (and sometimes in late spring and early fall as well!), this plant is eye-catching and very, very easy to grow.

Bloom Colors: Pink, Punch, Apricot, Mix, Red, White, Strawberry
Foliage: Dark Green
Habit: Upright, Mounding
Light: Full Sun to Part Shade
Water: Moist in well drained soil (It is, however, drought tolerant)
Resistant: Deer and Disease Resistant, Heat and Drought Tolerant
Overall Characteristics: Blooms First Year, Easy Care Plants, Flower, Long Bloomers, Season Extenders
Uses: Baskets, Beds, Border, Containers, Ground Cover



Cora Cascade Vinca has all the disease resistance, heavy flowering, and lush foliage of its cousin, plus larger than ever blooms that resist fading and seem to last forever. Fill your flowerpots, hanging baskets, and window boxes with this carefree annual!

Just 6 to 8 inches high, Cascade spreads 32 to 36 inches wide, with flowers every inch of the way. The blooms are very evenly distributed, eliminating the "bald spots" that plague some Vinca. And these flowers are a bit larger than most other Vincas', standing out brilliantly against glossy, dense green foliage. You can see the vigor in every leaf and bloom of Cascade™ -- it just looks healthy and ready to flourish!

Cascade™ is perfect for containers of all kinds, particularly those high enough to show off its full trailing glory. It thrives in full sunshine, despite unseasonable high temperatures, punishing humidity, or frequent late-afternoon rain. Its resistance to aerial phytophthora, the disease responsible for the mysterious "sudden death" of Vincas in wet climates, sets it apart from all others, and makes for a very low-maintenance plant that blooms nonstop all summer long.

Height:  14 - 16"

Spacing: 22 - 25"

Spread: 22 - 25"

Habit: Trailing

Container Role: Spiller

Light: Sun 

Bloom Time:  Planting To Frost

Hardiness: Vinca is not hardy here in the Sandhills but is a perfect Spring to Frost annual

Water: Average

Great in landscapes and containers.



The Vinca MEDITERRANEAN SERIES is a wonderful series which features a cascading habit and striking 2 inch flowers. Early and free blooming with excellent deer, heat and drought resistance. Perfect as a ground cover or use in hanging baskets and containers. Grows 5-6 inches tall and spreads to 2.5 feet.         


The Vinca Pacifica series are a trouble-free delight in the garden, this hale-and-hearty Vinca begins blooming extra-early with big flowers of intense true red. The blooms continue in full force for months, despite extreme heat, poor soil, and just about any other obstacle Nature throws its way! The Pacifica series is renowned for its ultra-tough performance, and you will love the uniform, neat, yet very bushy 10- to 12-inch plants (The tallest of the vinca series), which stay colorful for months on end.

The blooms are 2 inches across and held wide open, with a small, distinctive contrasting eye. They are held up and out from the fresh, lush foliage, making them a splendid choice for beds, borders, ground cover, and baskets. They even make terrific houseplants during the winter months!