Whether it's a single centerpiece for a dinner for 12 or 12 centerpieces for an intimate wedding, we are happy to create arrangements and table decorations to match your decor, the theme of your event or the bridesmaids' dresses. Tall and dramatic or low and long so the your dinner guests can converse across from one another, we can solve your particular needs.
Note: some of these arrangements are seasonal but we will try to recreate the look and feel of any creation with available flowers.

On the left (please excuse the photo) is one of a group of centerpieces created for a dinner during the recent Pinehurst Back-toBack US Opens. Janet arranged magnolia blooms and leaves into striking creations. Not as striking, however,  as the image of Janet and one of her employees criss-crossing through "downtown" Aberdeen with a 10 foot step ladder and pruning shears. Thanks to some of our neighbors, who gave us permission to prune, we were in and out with the blooms long before the first reports came into the Aberdeen PD.









On the left peacock
feathers and assorted silk flowers combine for a compact but striking Thanksgiving table decoration.

To the right lavender Fuji mums, white stock and pink alstromeria make a wonderful Easter centerpiece.

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 The centerpiece on the left has pink carnations, roses and alstromeria.
The centerpiece to the
right is one of two huge
arrangements for a "Fabulous Fifties" party
at the Fair Barn. Not only did it keep to the theme with the Rock and Roll LPs amongst the flowers, but it also, sported the classic poodle skirt of the era.
To see some other examples of our work at the Fair Barn, click on the poodle.

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On the left red carnations, white daisies, pink Gebera and ferns make a cheery, colorful
On the right a centerpiece with lilies, roses and irises.



"Free spirit" roses atop
the floral topiary on the left make for a spectacular centerpiece when combined with gebera, statice and alstromeria. Below that is another topiary combining roses, carnations and alstromeria.
On the right, pink lilies and carnations create a beautiful and affordable centerpiece.
The centerpiece on the left is for the buffet table at a luncheon.

The matching table centerpieces are the small square arrangements on the right.

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The large centerpiece above right was created for the buffet table at a banquet celebrating the "Market to Table" concept
so popular here in The Sandhills.  A variety of fruits and vegetables were used in combination with sunflowers and green Fuji mums. Below left is one the individual table centerpieces that repeated the flower and vegetable theme using canning jars.

The centerpiece below is a popular style for
dining tables. It is long but low in order to maximize its color and effect and minimize its
potential to interfere in cross table conversation.
This particular centerpiece combines lilies, Fuji mums, gerbera daisies and alstroemeria.

  00028                      00029

Our centerpieces are made to order so the color, size and overall shape is up to the customer.
Below are large centerpieces created for buffet tables at dinner parties.


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