Lavender 'Provence'
Lavandula x intermedia 'Provence' 

Lavender 'Provence', a wonderfully fragrant herb, grows quickly and produces buds that are easily removed for potpourri making . This aromatic herb is a Lavadin, or English Lavender Hybrid. As an ornamental herb, it blooms profusely, smells great and grows larger and faster than many others. Considered one of the more "rugged" varieties, 'Provence' is drought tolerant and does not need much water to thrive.

A wonderfully soothing scent, Lavender is used in many candles, cosmetics, perfumes and Aromatherapy products. This particular variety is named for the Provence region in France, where the majority of Lavender supply and production come from.

Trailing Rosemary

Whether it's spilling over a rock wall in the garden, trailing down from a hanging basket or chopped up and pushed under the skin of an about-to-be-roasted chicken, this herb delivers on all fronts.
With tiny but plentiful lavender blooms and evergreen leaves in the winter, it's a great addition to combination planters no matter what the season.


We generally offer three types of mint plants: Kentucky Colonel Mint, Orange Mint and Chocolate Mint.
Each one has its own distinct taste and make perfect addition to food and drink recipes.


Each season we grow three or four different kinds of basil: Italian Basil (the flagship of all the basils), Lime Basil with a distinctive lime taste, Red Basil (maroon in color, a bit tangier than Italian Basil and an excellent addition to salads for those reasons.), and Variegated Basil ( this basil does not go to seed and the leaves stay sweet all season. In addition it grows in a bushy column that makes it a frequent choice for the central plant in a combination planter.)





Each year we grow Common Sage, Purple Sage, Golden Sage and Tri-color Sage. Although we haven't yet picked up on any flavor differences, their colors are distinctive in recipes and in the garden.


Normally we carry, at least, two types of thyme: Doone Valley variegated lemon thyme and Magic Carpet thyme.


We also offer both regular and garlic Chives, Parsley and Dill.