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Gardening Club and...


Our Obsessive Compulsive Gardening Club is intended to stimulate interest in our flowers and plants and help us say "Thanks" to our best customers. Twelve dollars buys you an OCG shirt and membership in our Club. Depending on the season, each  month we'll post an OCG Club Special which could be a free or discounted plant, a discount on purchases for club members or a headstart on one of our annual sales. You just have wear your shirt in to reap the benefits. And you can join the club, get your shirt and your OCG Special all at the same time.

Note: The OCG Freebie or Special is usually offered for about 7-10 days depending on the season of the year. There may be times when we have no OCG Special. Check our Facebook page or go to to see if the OCG Special  link is up. If not, there isn't one at that particular time. When you come to claim your plant, look at the OCG sign behind the cash register. If the Freebie is still being offered, it will say so and plants will be placed below the sign. If not, keep posted to our Facebook page or our website for our next Club Special.
Please remember that the purpose of the club is to promote our business by having club members wear our shirts, at least, on giveaway days. Pulling the OCG shirt on over your clothes just outside our store and removing it as soon as you leave, defeats our intent.

What Kinds of Free Stuff Do I Get?

Rose of Sharon plants grown from cuttings off our magnificent 10 year old Rose of Sharon.  Its pinkish lavender bloom with ruby colored throat is very unique.







Moses in the Cradle, Moses in the Basket, Christ in the Cradle, Boatlily, or Oyster Plant are all common names for Tradescantia spathacea, a recent OCG freebie and great houseplant.




Below, Trichelium or Blue Lace Flower was another freebie  as were Snake Plants, Cape Primrose (Streptocarpella) and several other varieties.



                    Cape Primrose                                                             Trichelium


           Bird's Nest Sanseveria                                                      Elfin Thyme


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The variegated Basil on the left was a late March offering. A new variety that does not flower and, therefore, won't go to seed. It's leaves stay sweet through the fall and, if brought inside, through the winter.
On the right is an Aloe Vera plant...often
called the First-Aid Kit in a pot.

                   Sanseveria "Golden Hanii'                         Crossandra, a beautiful annual
              Bird's Nest snake plant                                and blooming houseplant.


Arrowhead Vine


 Although a tropical plant Crotons are great in the Fall because of their bright, harvest colors. They were one of the Freebies of the Moment in September 2013.


      One of our recent freebies was a                         Begonia Morocco
     gallon pot of perennial eucalyptus.


Asparagus Plumosa                              Heuchera 'Firefly'