We offer a wide variety of Gift Plants. Wrapped in foil and bowed or in a decorative pot, they're perfect for any occasion including expressing sympathy. We can combine these with other plants and create beautiful
European Baskets (To see some, click on the basket to the left.). Our selection is often based on seasonal availability and we stock a good selection of tropical houseplants. If you are looking for a certain variety in a certain size we can generally order it within a few days.
Some of our gift plants include:





          ALOCASIA                                           ANTHURIUM                                     BROMELIAD                               SILVER VASE                        AFRICAN VIOLETS



              CYCLAMEN                                 DIEFFENBACHIA                                      ORCHIDS                                                      KALANCHOE



     CHINESE EVERGREEN                            PEACE LILY                                                        EVEN MORE ORCHIDS   



           AZALEA                                                                CALA  LILY                                                ZEBRA PLANT       


In addition to "Gift Plants" we also carry Foliage Plants and Blooming Plants that also make great gifts. Click below to see selections of these plants: