Two of our most popular plant arrangements for both happy or sympathy occasions are
The Dish Garden and The European Basket.



A dish garden, like the one on the right, is a ceramic pot, planter or wicker basket into which we actually plant a variety


of flowering or foliage plants. The plants share the same requirements for light and water and we choose them with the knowledge of where they might be eventually placed: office...sun room, etc. The dish garden to the right is made up with Cacti and Succulent plants. It is easy to care for and a perfect desktop garden.


Several foliage Dish Gardens can be seen in the photo     
on the left which contain a variety of interestingly
textured and variegated leaved plants. To the left below is a dish garden planted in a customer's ceramic pot. Although the foliage differs greatly, all the plants require similar lighting and watering.









European Baskets look quite similar to foliage dish
gardens but the plants remain in their own individual pots and can be removed following a funeral service or family celebration and given to family members as a remembrance. Like Dish Gardens, Europeans come in several different sizes and prices. They have a bit more flexibility, however, since the plants stay in their own containers which allows customers to group plants with different light and watering requirements such as ferns with desert cacti or other succulents.



The European on the left is an example of one of our Orchid Europeans which are a specialty with us. The tall purple Moth Orchid is combined with a small peace lily, palm, variegated ivy, Dracaena Marginata and an African Violet. The elegance of the orchid and lushness of the other plants make this a classic European that is a favorite with many of our customers and given for both happy and sympathy related occasions. Our orchids come in a variety of types and colors which gives the customer an almost endless choice of final results for the European. Remember, each plant in this basket is in its own individual pot and after the occasion can be distributed throughout the house or to other family members.

If you have received a European Basket and want to find out about the plants in it, click on
the orchid basket to the left.



Below are more examples of European Baskets...

  European Baskets give us quite a bit
of flexibility when it comes to arranging
potted plants with fresh flowers. The
double basket on the right has arranged
a potted Croton and ferns with fresh
Lilies and Carnations.