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Suggestions for Drought Tolerant Plants From NCSU

Drought-Tolerant Plants for North Carolina Landscapes


Texas A&M Paper on Plants Deer Don't Like


NCSU: Deer-resistant Plants for Southeastern NC
Great referrence for gardening in The Sandhills


USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

Use your Zip Code to get precise information on the hardiness zone you live in.


Moore County's Cooperative Extension

Consumer Information & Research Reports on Horticultural Issues for the

Moore County Area


Master Gardeners

Educational Organization for Serious Amateur Gardeners


NC Cooperative Extension


The American Orchid Society

Information on Orchids - Culture & Related Events


Orchid Forums
The orchid community


The African Violet Society of America

Everything You Need to Know for African Violet Enjoyment


The Flower Fields

Branded Plants - Annuals, Perennials, Containers


Proven Winners

Branded Plants - Annuals, Perennials, Containers


NC Agricultural Chemicals Manual

Restricted Use Pesticides & Pest Management


Society of American Florists

Consumer Information on Selection & Care of Fresh Flowers


NC Dept. of Agriculture

Horticultural Information on Pest Management, Lawns, Soils, Shrubs & Plants
for NC growing






Great recent news about
the benefits from

surrounding yourself
with plants.
Click on the Doctor.

Master Gardeners!
Click on the image
above for details.



Deer-proof your garden!
Click on the above image
for some of the ideas that
have and have not worked.

Three sources for Plants that can poison pets or humans.




Note: Some plants are listed as poisonous simply because they can cause mild stomach irritation. It's important that you check the criteria for each listing.