Repotting houseplants may not be a science but it does require some understanding of the type of plant, the soil that it prefers and the position it may hold in your home. Some plants prefer tight quarters and don't need frequent repotting. Others like room to grow. Still others respond poorly if repotted while they're blooming. Many plants require pruning or need to have their "pups" or "babies"  separated from the mother plant when repotting. We can help you with all these aspects of your plant.

Heirloom plants, those that have been passed down from parents or grandparents, require an enormous amount of TLC. Don't think for a minute that, if you bring in a 50 year old Christmas cactus that once belonged to your grandmother, our blood pressure won't go up. We know how important these plants are to you and we repot them accordingly.

If you bring in your own container, we will only charge you for the amount of soil we use in the repotting process. If you chose one of our pots, its cost will be added to the cost of soil. We do not charge for labor when repotting a normal sized plant.