"Out of the Box Designs"

One of the things that has always set us apart is our ability to create new and different designs for our customers. Just because no one ever thought of doing arrangements a certain way doesn't phase us in the least. No matter what the occasion, if the customer wants it, we'll try to execute the design. Some examples below:


On the right is a "Get Well Soon" arrangement for a young girl in the hospital. Besides the flowers, there's a plush puppy, springing frog, candy bars and bees and caterpillars on long sticks.

The standing spray on the left is for the services of a long time Atlanta Braves fan. Flowers representing the team's colors are arranged around an actual ballcap and baseball. A toy bat completes the homage to the Braves.
The arrangement on the left was created to celebrate the birth of a baby girl. Our designer adapted one of her topiary styles to depict a close line with doll clothes hanging out to dry.   

The funeral wreath on the right was created for a long time local farmer and made entirely of    fresh vegetables. In the center nestled among the
crops is an antique metal
tractor he had as a young boy.

The arrangement in the
poodle skirt on the left was one of two created for the buffet tables of a "Fabulous 50s" luncheon.
On the right, a funeral arrangement for a musician featured a full size guitar that was sculpted from Styrofoam and then covered with chrysanthemum blooms. The tabs to adjust the strings are eucalyptus leaves.


Click on the image to the left for other custom Military, Police and FD/Rescue
company arrangements.





On the right is a Mother's
Day arrangement for a woman who loves dogs as
is the arrangement below.

Above is a dog collar decorated for a wedding. The dog was the ring bearer. With it are flowers for the Maid of Honor, the Groom and the Best Man.
Below is a hair comb for the Bride's Mother. The colors and flowers all co-ordinated with the Bridal Bouquet.

When it comes to animal arrangements we have a lot of fun and enjoy working with the flowers to recreate a favorite pet, etc. Below is an arrangement for a woman who loved pigs...didn't own any...just loved them. "Oink, oink!"















    A whimsical Carnation Cupcake.










                                                                                                             The above arrangement was a Casket Spray for a local farmer
                                                                                        as was the spray below.