Whether you've been a Bad Dog,
a Bad Bad Dog, or a Bad Bad Bad Dog,
we can get you out.

Affordable arrangements that are practically guaranteed to spring you.


Note:  Floral arrangements are priced by the type and number of flowers used.
Also, the availability of some flowers is seasonal. 
We will work with you to create a beautiful arrangement in the price range you select.


 Bad Dog

If all you've done is tear-up a few rolls of bathroom tissue, any of the following arrangements should do the trick.  You could go whimsical with daisies, a plush dog and candy like the arrangement below on the left; or classic with 3 roses and baby's breath in a bud vase.  Below right is a small "Cheer Me Up" basket that's perfect for a desk top at work and practically screams. "I'm sorry!"


 00051  00168  00049

Bad Bad Dog

We don't want to know what you did...we'll just accept that you deserve to be where you the doghouse. At this level, roses may be mandatory, from a half to a full dozen with greenery and baby's breath. Another affordable choice is seasonal arrangements in whimsical containers like the one in the pumpkin shaped pitcher below left. Below right is a topiary-style arrangement with roses, daisies and alstromeria.

  00167  00169  00016

Bad Bad Bad Dog

At this level, flowers alone may not be the key to your release. Groveling may be necessary.
If the recipient is a gardener, consider a European Basket in which each of the plants in the arrangement remains in their own pots and can be planted in the garden or placed around the house for years of enjoyment. Fresh-cut flowers can be added to the Euro for even more impact.
An artistic floral arrangement like the one below with the Birds of Paradise can speak to your sensitive side and work wonders.
However, it is our experience that if you have been a Bad Bad Bad Dog, your only hope of redemption is an arrangement of two dozen roses in the recipient's favorite color.  Good luck!



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We offer many other affordable arrangements
and plants to help you express your feelings.
To see some of them click on the calla lilly to the right.