Funeral Flowers
Arrangements, Sprays, Baskets, etc.
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    When ordering flowers for a funeral service there are a variety of arrangement designs to be considered. We are very aware of what a difficult time this is and a member of our staff will sit down with you and patiently go through our reference books in order to help you make your decisions.

       Among the most common floral tributes are:

          Funeral Baskets

    Funeral Baskets are normally plastic containers with a handle but they can also be wicker or willow baskets. They're designed to be displayed on a stand or on the floor. Below are some examples.

   00104  00105   00106

      00107    00108   00109




Below is the center basket of a three basket arrangement.
Directly below that is how the complete arrangement looks. The side baskets reflect the colors in the larger one but, with some additional flowers, have their own unique look.





Often funeral baskets are arranged to compliment the casket spray. The ones below are an example of that.




            European Baskets

European Baskets are usually wicker or willow with a handle and are appropriate for any occasion including expressing sympathy. We have them in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and they can contain both blooming and foliage houseplants. The plants in a European Basket remain in their individual pots and after the services family members often distribute them among the immediate family. Below are a few examples of the Europeans we have created. If you click on each image you'll get a closer look and more info on what plants and flowers were used.


             00040    00114   00115

           Casket Sprays

Casket Sprays are designed to rest on top and cover the majority of a closed casket. They are normally the largest of the funeral arrangements and are often combined with matching standing sprays on either side of the casket. Below are some examples of our work. Smaller versions of these sprays are available for the closed end of a partially opened casket. A spray's color scheme, the types of flowers used and the overall size of the arrangement is the decision of the customer based on discussions with our staff.

           00117    00118


      00119    00120


      00103                        00121



              00123               00124

                                                            Funeral Basket and matching Casket Spray  

               00126   00127


Easel Arrangements or Standing Sprays

Standing Sprays, Wreaths and Custom Pieces are most often displayed on an easel or tripod and are intended to be viewed from the front side. Some examples of our work are below. Click on each image for more information.

 00087      00073       00128


    00129      00130        00131 

  00080       00132         00133

 00080          00134             00135





                                        This standing spray was created for a woman who loved to cook.
                           Woven into the design are a variety of cooking utensils from spatulas to colanders.


                                                        Casket Pillows 

Casket Pillows are pinned to the lid of the casket and represent the children or grand-children
            of the deceased. They are small poignant symbols of a family's love.

        00136         00137                     

Urn Arrangements

Urn Arrangements are increasingly common and there is a wide variety in what people are
requesting. These arrangements were created to be viewed from either one direction or from 360 degrees.

  00138     00139    00140

  00141      00142


                          Foliage and Blooming Plants

We carry a large selection of foliage and blooming plants which can be appropriate
for any occasion including expressing sympathy. These plants are usually taken home
by family members and become beautiful houseplants for many years.
Some of the most popular foliage plants are:

Bromiliad                 Chinese Evergreen                 Peace Lily

          Dieffenbachia                                 Golden Pothos                              

Our most popular blooming plants are:

         Antherium                       Cyclamen                        Orchids                         Kalanchoe                          Cala Lily

To see our full line of Gift Plants, Blooming Plants and Foliage Plants click on each.

                                                   Click here to see our complete Funeral Tribute Book

Note: If you're ready to order, there is some information you will need
before you call or come by which will speed the ordering process.
Click on the funeral basket below for more details.