Need something fresh and affordable
                                    to help you say:                       

                                "Happy Father's Day!"
                                       "Get Well Soon!"
                    "Welcome to the Neighborhood!"
                            "Sorry about last night!"
"Just thinkin' about you."

Below are several arrangements that will help you express whatever it is you want to say.
        Note: many designs have seasonable availability. The arrangements below may not always be available
but the creativity, skill and sense on humor behind them will be.


On the right is the perfect arrangement for the golfer whose nursing a bad back and itching to get back "out there". The colorful blooms are arranged in a golf ball vase. On the left lilies, daisies, Hershey bars and a soft, plush puppy shout "Get well soon!", to an ailing eight year old.

00051                                                                                                             00052




To the left is an arrangement of pastel colored toy garden tools and flowers in a matching watering can that will cheer up that gardener who's sitting by the window waiting for Spring or for the rain to stop so she can go "play in the dirt". On the right is a small colorful arrangement in a white wicker basket. A perfect mid-week delivery for a friend's work desk to say you're thinking of them.  

00053                                              00054 


On the left our designer has combined her floral topiary skills with a basket arrangement to create a clothes line with little doll clothes in order to celebrate the birth of a child. On the right is a pumpkin vase with a seasonal arrangement for a Thanksgiving table.

00055                                                     00056


All the colors of the Autumn season


The Mother's Day arrangement on the left was ordered for a 90 year old mother who loved dogs.

On the right is a colorful arrangement
in a yellow, ceramic, duckling vase with a tiny cloth bib to celebrate the arrival of a new daughter.

00057                                         00058


Our floral designers get a kick out of designing arrangements to look like a favorite pet like the Mother's Day arrangement above. The arrangement to the left, using pink carnations and a pink pipe cleaner for a tail, was for a woman who loved pigs...didn't own any...just loved them. On the right was our solution to a customer who wanted a "Happy Face" arrangement.

                                       00059                                                           00059A        


We stock a wide variety of orchids which make wonderful house gifts. In addition we offer an even wider variety of Gift Plants which can be sent for any occasion including sympathy. To view examples of our gift plants click on the calla lily below.


Our European Baskets (a collection of individually potted plants arranged in a variety of baskets or containers) make great gifts.The recipient can eventually break the basket down and move the plants throughout the house or give them to other family members.

A companion to the Euros is our Dish Garden in which the plants are actually planted into the soil inside a container or basket.
Click on the cacti dish garden below to see other examples.

00046                                                          00036



Considering a Blooming Plant? Click on the image to the left for more details. Maybe a Foliage Plant? Click on the image to the right for more information.


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