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Here at Aberdeen Florist and Garden Center we take pride in every arrangement we create. We also take customer service very seriously and consider it the bedrock of our success. If you're not satisfied, we will make it right. Our floral designers are skilled at creating classic floral arrangements but also love to step "out of the box" to design for customers who want something "different" or "unique". To see some of those designs click on the link to the right.

Remember, Aberdeen Florist is a full-service florist. Whether you need flowers delivered locally, out of town or internationally, we can do it all.
If you want fresh flowers for your home or your office, our experienced staff can accommodate your needs. We work towards that every time you call or visit.

If you do decide to place an order, there is certain information you'll need to have before you call to make the process easier.
                 Click on the image below for more information.


The photos below will give you an overview of what we are capable of and we look forward to talking to you about the kind of arrangement you have in mind. Clicking on each photo will give you a larger image and more information.
Note: Sometimes the flowers on arrangements pictured are seasonal and may not be available. However, these photos will give you a sense of the quality and skill of our designers who will try to recreate the look and feel of any creation with available flowers.

Fuji Mums, Lilies, Roses and Solidego

Christmas Lobby arrangement with 
permanent flowers.

Altar Arrangements



Bromeliads make great Gift Plants


Dish Gardens and
European Baskets

Affordable Bouquets
for all ocassions

Elegant Arrangements
of one color.

 "Fabulous 50's"
and other custom arrangements

   Corsages for every occasion. White Lilies, Roses
and Carnations
A mid-winter arrangement for a gardener with
cabin fever.
Carnations and Daisies make a great
"Cheer Me Up!" arrangement
Puppy dogs and daisies. Calla Lilies


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